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The Company

ShipgoldChandler is a registered brand owned by the Intertransport Canary Operators. Our experience in the maritime field dates back to the 90s. For over 30 years we have been providing shipping companies with a full range of port and logistics services. Our main goal is a stable high-quality service, available to all participants that works in the maritime sector.

Right from the beginning, ShipGoldChandler has enjoyed the support of both Spanish and foreign ship-owners for the excellent quality products. Since then, our company has continued to expand and introduce advanced technical solutions for the customers.

Availability Zones / Freight Forwarding

ShipGoldChandler provides ship supply and chandler services to ship owners and operators in the Canary Islands, Spain, Gibraltar, all West African ports.From heavy vessel parts to fishing boat tackle, we deliver our products anywhere in the world and have extensive experience in shipping. This is our advantage over our competitors.

Environmental Сare

Our company follows global trends in the preservation and protection of the environment. To achieve the goals, set by the world community to reduce harm and environmental emissions, our company constantly monitors the market in search of alternative products which cause less harm to the environment.

In our modern and certified facilities, we can meet our customers' needs according to their requests and specifications.

ShipGoldChandler is your reliable business partner in the maritime and shipping industry.

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How We Work

We always offer technical and commercial advice to offer the best solution. Our qualified staff will ensure that your requirements are met as quickly as possible.

To order products or services you can always:
  • Send us the web form via the website.
  • Send us an email with a list of products.
  • Call
  • Via live chat on our website.

We will process your orders in a short time and send you the prices of your orders. Once approved, you can receive your orders from one day depending on your location. We are open 24 hours.

Call or send a request via mail to our staff.

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