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ShipGoldChandler provides vessel with multi top quality products at competitive prices:

Full range of food stuffs, spare parts, metrology items, paints, varnishes, greases, plumbing, cabins, electrics equipment and all other products related to the need for smooth and safe shipping. We have more than 30 trusted partners worldwide.

Products for our customers are of the highest quality and have received the necessary certificates. You can find a list of products and some brands on our site.

We work with IMPA / ISSA catalogues.

Availability Zones & Global Delivery

We operate in the Canary Islands, Spain, Gibraltar and all the ports of West Africa. In addition, you can use our freight service to get our products anywhere in the world.

Our freight services include:

  • Forwarding by all available means of transport
  • Express delivery to all over the world.
  • Customs clearance
  • Multimodal and container transportation
  • Cargo storage and combination services
  • Handling of dangerous goods

How We Work

We always offer technical and commercial advice to offer the best solution. Our qualified staff will ensure that your requirements are met as quickly as possible.

To order products or services you can always:
  • Сan submit web form
  • Send us an email with a list of products
  • Call
  • Via live chat on our website

We will process your orders in a short time and send you the prices of your orders. Once approved, you can receive your orders from one day depending on your location. We are open 24 hours.

Call or send a request via mail to our staff.