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Deck & Engine / Marine Electrical / Ship Spare Parts / Machinery

Our company has access to the full range of ship products from well-known brands - machine / motor / electric. Our assortment offers goods from the catalog of the IMPA / ISSA store. We offer our customers competitive prices with short delivery times.

All products come to our warehouses from local and reliable partners. You can be sure that all products are of the highest quality.

Our main customers are cruise ships, yachts, tankers, fishing boats.

Geography of our technical ship supply operated all the major ports of Spain, the Canary Islands, Gibraltar. In addition, you can use our freight service to get our products anywhere in the world.

  • Machinery / Nautical Equipment
    Level Gauges for Oil DIN strainers Marine Water Filters
    Anti-splashing Tape Air Pipe Heads Emergency Shut-off Valves
    Bells / Horns Sextant / Binoculars Merchant Flags
    Marine Radios / Telephones Sounding Equipment Nautical Recording Paper
    Navigational Instruments Meteorological Instruments Navigation Control Equipment
  • Deck Items / Rigging Equipment / Rope / Hawsers
    Wire Clamps Chains Cargo Bags & Nets
    Oil Funnels Ladders Deck Coverings
    Tank Check Boats Car Claspers Hatch Cover Parts
    Mooring Rope Steel Wire Rope Cable Grips
    Mooring Links & Shackles Stoppers Wire Rope Slings
  • Marine Electrical Equipment
    Pilot / Reflector / Halogen Lamps Flashlights Batteries
    Cables Cable Accessories Switches
    Plugs & Receptacles Warning Lights Buzzers & Bells
  • Machinery / Marine Tools
    Cutting Tools Hole Saws / Valve Cutters Drill Machine Attachments
    Reamers Tool Bits / Carbide Tips Screw Extractors
    Socket Wrenches Pliers Packing Hooks
    Punches Drum Pumps Grease Nipples
    Compasses / Dividers Micrometers Dial Gauges
    Thickness Indicators Engine Indicators Pressure Gauges
    Asbestos Products Anticorrosive Tapes Filter Materials
    Pneumatic Hand Tools Pneumatic Saws Air Winches
    Gases / Gas Cylinders Electrodes Gas Welding Rods

How We Work

We always offer technical and commercial advice to offer the best solution. Our qualified staff will ensure that your requirements are met as quickly as possible.

To order products or services you can always:
  • Send us the web form via the website.
  • Send us an email with a list of products.
  • Call
  • Via live chat on our website.

We will process your orders in a short time and send you the prices of your orders. Once approved, you can receive your orders from one day depending on your location. We are open 24 hours.

Call or send a request via mail to our staff.

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